• To promote the development of social ballroom dancing among its members
  • To prepare members for ballroom dance competitions
  • To maintain and promote internationally accepted standards in ballroom dancing
  • To encourage and develop social dancing in Tobago
  • To develop harmony and goodwill by encouraging and having social functions
  • To promote a high level of discipline and self-esteem

Dress code:
Guidelines for Ladies (when attending class sessions)

  • No mini skirts
  • No jerseys except class jersey with logo
  • No jeans skirt/jeans dress
  • No sandals/slippers
  • No hair in curlers/hats
  • No tight or very closely fitted apparel
  • Pants or blouse/shirts with sleeves are allowed
  • Free flowing and full dresses or skirts are allowed
  • Proper dress shoes (with heels) are allowed
  • Dance Ensemble jerseys/shirts can be worn for dance sessions

Dress code
Guidelines for Men: (when attending class sessions)

  • No jeans
  • No jerseys except class jersey with logo
  • No sandals or sneakers
  • No hats
  • Long Pants required
  • Shirts with collars and sleeves required
  • Proper dress shoes with socks required

Dancers should observe basic rules of etiquette. You can read more about this from the following document:
Dance Etiquette

we also have an organizational prayer which you can view by clicking the following link
Dance Ensemble Prayer

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